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International Rangeland Congress Kenya, 25 - 30 October 2020

Mon, 05 Jun 2017


The Joint


International Rangeland and  Grassland Congresses


Nairobi, Kenya,


25 - 30 October  2020


The theme of the Congress is "Sustainable Use of Grassland/Rangeland Resources for Improved Livelihoods". The aim of the congress will be to promote the interchange of scientific and technical information on all aspects of grasslands and rangelands: including grassland/rangeland ecology; forage production and utilization; livestock production systems; wildlife, tourism and multi-facets of grassland/rangeland; drought management and climate change in rangelands; pastoralism, social, gender and policy issues and capacity building, extension and governance. We look forward to seeing you in Nairobi in 2020.

For more information, see this flyer:


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